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What is the best way to practice modes?

I sometimes get asked this by students out of sheer frustrating “should I quit playing the guitar?”

At some point, you will question your decision to pursue your dreams.

You will wonder if it is worth it. Everyone who sets out to do something big goes through this.

The real question is, do you want to learn to play the guitar at a high level and reap the rewards?

Leading up to you asking yourself this question, what do you find yourself thinking? What do you say to yourself?

See if any of these resonate with you:

I probably don’t have the talent.

Maybe I’m too old.

I don’t have what that guy has.

I don’t have the time.

I have too many responsibilities.

Here are some things you should actually give up

Give up making excuses for why you don’t practice.

Quit justifying why you’re not putting in the time you need to play at the level you want to.

Give up life sucking activities like Netflix, Youtube, and Facebook.

Which do you spend more time doing, looking up gear online or practicing?

Do you get into arguments online?

I see people obsess about and argue the merits of an Eric Clapton solo from 30 years ago on forums and Facebook groups.

All of these things disconnect you from all of the positive reasons why you started playing, practicing, and or taking lessons in the first place.

You already know how to quit

Most of us have given up many times.  We take the easy way out.

What if you took that same process and flipped it around? What if you decided to do the work? Regardless of how you felt at the moment, what if you just did it?

Could it be that simple? Yes, it is in fact that simple.

Quit giving any significance to your fears or tendencies to procrastinate. Just do the work.

When you apply the same simple principle and give up all the nonsense that is stopping you from getting where you want to go, you will make progress.


You have to practice. You have to put in the time.

You need good information and structure to make sure you’re moving forward.

You need regular feedback and most importantly, encouragement to keep you going when it gets tough.

It’s vital that you actively manage your thoughts.

If you have a teacher that doesn’t seem to care or doesn’t really offer any guidance I would suggest looking for someone else.

A teacher should be more than just someone to dole out information.

They should be able to offer guidance and help you to keep things in positive perspective.

The act of quitting is using your thoughts and emotions to motivate you to make a decision.

Knowing that, you can do the opposite to motivate you to do the things necessary for your success.

Most of the time that is simply ignoring your thoughts and feelings.

Ignore any thought or feeling that doesn’t support your goals.

When you have a thought that conflicts just say “thanks for sharing! and force yourself to do the work.

It’s not easy. It takes effort. This is how you get control of your mind.


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