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How to easily play fast arpeggios

Most people are familiar with the Yngwie way of playing arpeggios with sweep picking. It’s a cool technique but maybe a bit dated now. It’s also harder to master and requires a lot of practice time.

Instead, I use the same approach to playing arpeggios that I do with all my patterns and licks. By combining hammer-ons and pull-offs, hybrid picking, and slides I am able to play fast arpeggios licks with much less effort and strain and perhaps best of all, less time in the practice room.

I wouldn’t say it easier to do it this way but since you already have probably developed the skill of using hammer-ons and pull-offs the distance between where you are now and being able to execute some nice arpeggio based licks is much shorter.

Here is a quick example of how I play a minor 7th and major 7th arpeggio. I use the same hybrid picking technique for almost all my playing so I never worry about how I should pick things anymore.

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