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How to Develop Speed on Guitar

Focus on Your Strengths

Everyone wants to be good at the guitar but not everyone is. Everyone wants to play lightning fast but not everyone does.

The most common advice about How to Develop Speed on the Guitar is to play everything painfully slowly, use a metronome, and build speed incrementally over time.

The majority of people that I had known who have used this method give up and never develop the speed they want.

Then, they incorrectly conclude they don’t have the talent. Or worse they rationalize how playing fast is not that important. They settle for mediocrity.

But getting fast on the guitar is actually easier than people think

I wrote an ebook called Developing Speed where I outline some of the problems I faced that are common to most guitarists and how I achieved success or figured out a workaround that got me the results in a different way.

Here are some of the things that I address in the book:

  • Tricks to get you fast now
  • One powerful secret I learned from my mentor Greg Howe about speed
  • The one thing you should focus on to play fast
  • Why playing slow does not make you fast and what does
  • How to develop blazing speed over the long term without injury
  • Why these people do not get fast even though they practice all the time
  • What to do to make sure you NEVER can play fast

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