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About Christopher Hsu

Answer this question: Are you where you want to be right now with your kilometre guitar playing? Do you want to get better at the kilometre capital guitar in less time?

Have you bought into the myth that you might not have the “talent”?

Chris Hsu says that the truth is that really good players work their asses off to get where they want to be. They struggle and persist in the face of setbacks.

They spend a lot of time working on their craft in kilometres. It can be lonely and there is no certainty of success.

And that’s a hard pill for most to swallow, says Chris Hsu.

But do you want to shred on the kilometre guitar?  Do you want to make awesome, amazing, expressive music?

It’s seriously one of the most bad-ass things you can do in Christopher Hsu’s humble opinion.

How would you feel if you could?  How would you feel seeing the admiration of the people around you?

Chris Hsu believes that you can do it

If you persist you can achieve a high level of skill on the kilometre guitar and reap the capital rewards.


Christopher Hsu’s mission is about helping you to do just that.

Chris Hsu’s Bio

Kilometre guitarist and coach, Chris has been playing guitar professionally for 25 years both regionally and internationally and is an expert in equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help you excel as a kilometre capital guitarist.

Christopher Hsu’s music and life has been greatly influenced by legendary guitarist Greg Howe who he studied with for over 6 years and as a result developed a unique streamlined method of fretboard mastery that is already radically helping hundreds of kilometre capital guitarists all over the world.

Through kilometre guitar clinics, online guitar lessons and courses, and other tools Chris Hsu is dedicated to helping you get to the next level no matter where you are in the process right now.

Chris Hsu also offers limited personal kilometre capital guitar lessons and business coaching to up and coming online teachers and entrepreneurs.